Locdelsol rental management

A tailor-made Property Management Service.

Owner of real estate on the Costa Del Sol, looking for a serious company for his rental. 

Professional expertise: Locdelsol is made up of a team specializing in property management. Our expertise in this area can help you avoid common mistakes and maximize returns on your real estate investment. 

Save time: Rental management is our business, and we have prior experience in this area. By delegating this task to our agency, you can save valuable time and concentrate on other aspects of your life or your investments with complete peace of mind. 

Network and resources: Our rental management agencies have a network of contacts, qualified companies and maintenance professionals and potential tenants. They can quickly resolve problems and find tenants for your property. 

Locdelsol offers a range of services designed to help landlords effectively manage their rental properties. Here are some of the tasks we carry out: 

  • Improve your property 
  • Maintenance & Repairs Housekeeping 
  • Administrative services 
  • KEYS For our management clients, we act as secure key holders. Any necessary visits to your property by emergency services, utility companies, tradesmen and delivery companies will be arranged directly by us. 
  • MONTHLY INSPECTIONS: We provide monthly inspections of your property while you are away. Any significant issues will be notified and remedied with recommended action. 
  • Security – Check that all doors and windows are properly locked and that the alarm system is functioning properly. Utilities – Ensure water, electricity, telephone and internet services are working properly. Toilets will be cleaned and taps turned on in sinks, baths and showers to ensure that water traps do not produce bad odors. 
  • Airing – Opening windows and doors. 
  • Community: We will attend the community meeting for you if you cannot be there and we will respond to any requests or complaints on your behalf.
  • Decoration and/or Development - All property renovations - Monitoring and control over the follow-up of the work